@mderpth (Michelle Devlin)

artist-designer-researcher taking it easy so there's smthg to smile about :~)

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︎Active Websites

2021, Stencil스텐실 Process Book, ︎mderpth 🌱, An online working space for drafting the organization and written content of a type design process book~ research document.

2020, Alphabettes Mentorship, ︎mdevlin, A digital notebook filled with questions, thoughts, and excerpts about readings related to the design, history, and technology behind the Korean writing system, 한글Hangul.

2019, q_haul, ︎ q_haul, A stream of  images of my favorite letter - capital Q - found across various locations such as libraries, grocery stores, and the Internet.

︎Static Websites

2020, bridge 다리, ︎ mderpth, An assortment of online links, references, articles, and images collected in my process of learning how to speak & design for 한글Hangul/Korean.

2020, birdfang: Archive 2010-2020,︎birdfang (private), A vision for an interdisciplinary practice creating experiments in art, design, and writing which includes work created over a 10-year period.

2020, bridge Font Tester,︎mderpth, An interactive webpage for sampling of a 9-style pixel font. 

2018 - 2019, Graphic Design portfolio, ︎ mb-d.name (deactivated), An eccentric portfolio of Graphic Design studies completed while studying towards and undergraduate degree with RISD.


2018, Paradox-Paradise, ︎ michellebritosdevlin, A process-oriented microblog for tracking visual developments for my RISD Graphic Design Degree Project titled Paradox-Paradise which focused on connecting pixel-aesthetics to US military activity on the island of Guam.


2017, Experimental Studies Archive, ︎ mb-d.name, An extension of my RISD Graphic Design portfolio which showcases conceptually-driven presentations of my studio work.


2017, BOXES (Design Studio 4 Boxes), ︎ ds4boxes, A publishing experiment which called upon participants to create zines by interpretating a set of pre-made publications.


2015 - 2016, Art & Design portfolio, ︎ mdevlin, A showcase of my multidisciplinary studio work  before, during, and after my Foundations-Experimental Studies year while at RISD.


2014, MSBD: Painting & Illustration,︎msbd, A portfolio of my first painting series which I completed as part of my undergraduate college application to art schools in North America.

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