@mderpth (Michelle Devlin)

My handle originates from a mistranscription of my handwriting.

︎ hello@mderpth.com

︎ Favorite Font Image

Screenshot  of Glyphs working file, 2021-02-27.

I am designing a 한글 Hangeul (Korean) typeface through an Alphabettes Mentorship with 김초롱Chorong Kim, Senior Font Designer of Sandoll Communications. This image shows my progress for various graphemes.

See more images of my  fonts  here.

︎Active Websites

2020 - 2021, Alphabettes Mentorship, ︎mdevlin, A digital notebook filled with questions, thoughts, and excerpts about readings related to the design, history, and technology behind the 한글Hangul script. 

2020, bridge 다리, ︎ mderpth, An assortment of online links, references, articles, and images collected in my process of learning how to speak & design for 한글Hangul/Korean.

2019, Q.llection, ︎ q.llection, A stream of  images of my favorite letter - capital Q - found across various locations such as libraries, grocery stores, and the Internet.

2018, mderpth, ︎ mderpth, A visual diary used to document sketches.

See a fuller list of  websites here.


Self-portrait, MacOS Preview, 2021-03-24.

Researcher, Designer, Artist living in Poughkeepsie, NY, USA. Born & raised on Guam, left in 2010.

@mderpth, Michelle Devlin (she/they), has a background in painting and illustration, in addition to an intensive study of Graphic Design at RISD where they also completed a Concentration in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. As of 2020, she fosters an enthusiasm for language, design, and technology by studying 한글Hangul/Korean and pursuing two postgraduate certificate(s) in Type Design. They volunteer with non-profits such as Barrett Art Center and AsianAndLGBTQ+. Michelle plans to begin a Master’s in Communication Design Research at the Royal College of Art for the 2021/22 term.

A concise outline of my recent experience is available here.