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artist-designer-researcher taking it easy so there's smthg to smile about :~)

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       Exceptional organizational, intercultural, writing, and research skills

       Advanced Adobe CC skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
       Intermediate font design skills: Robofont, Glyphs
       Beginner Korean language skills


       2021 - 2022, MRes, Royal College of Art, Communication Design, London, UK  

︎︎︎ 2021, Postgraduate Certificate, Type West, Letterform Archive, Online   

      2020 - 2021, Postgraduate Certificate, Expert class Type Design, Plantin Institute, Online     
      2014 - 2018, BFA, RISD, Graphic Design, History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Providence, RI, USA


︎︎︎ 2021, 한국어(Korean) Intermediate, Brown University, Online   
      2021, Korean 1, Coursera: Yonsei University, Online

      2020, Python Specialization, Coursera: University of Michigan, Online

      2020, Intro to Modern Type Design, Letterform Archive: TypeWest, Online

      2020, Entrepreneurship Specialization, Coursera: University of Pennsylvania, Online

      2020, Basics of Design Research, openSAP, Online

      2019, Moralities of Everyday Life, Coursera: Yale University, Online

Work Experience

︎︎︎ 2021, Design Research Apprentice, Firebrand Creative House, Online

︎︎︎ 2020 - 2021, Font Design Mentee, 김초롱Chorong Kim: Senior Font Designer @ Sandoll, Online
      2019 - 2020, Cash Posting Associate, Nuvance Health, Lagrangeville, NY, USA
      2018, Font Designer, RISD Film/Animation/Video, Providence, RI, USA
      2017 - 2018, Teaching Assistant, RISD Graphic Design, Providence, RI, USA
      2017, Design Intern, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
      2016, Design Intern, Alouit New York, Online

Volunteer Experience

︎︎︎ 2020, Graphic Designer, Export Radio, Royal College of Art, Online
︎︎︎ 2020, Creative Director, AsianAndLGBTQ+, Online

      2019 - 2020, Graphic Designer, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

      2018, Journal Designer, Journal of Philosophy, Politics, & Economics, Providence, RI, USA

      2017, Graphics & Web Sub-committee, Better World by Design, Providence, RI, USA

      2016 - 2017, President (2017), Member (2016), The Cook Book: Art + Food Zine, Providence, RI, USA

      2016, Graphic Designer, ACM SIGGRAPH, Online

Exhibited Works

     2021, Family portraits (series), drawing, The Virtual Art Fair: Prize Exhibition, Online
      2021, Optique Display (옵티크 디스플레이), review, Typographica, Online

     2020, Ribbon, typeface, Alphacrit @ ATypI All Over 2020, Online

     2020, Paradox-Paradise: A Meditation on Guam’s History with Acculturation, talk, TypeWknd, Online
     2020, Phoenix feathers, painting, The Art Effect Alum Show & Auction, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
     2020, Singularity pt. 4, drawing, Dark Collective: Obscurum, Online
     2020, Phoenix feathers, painting, Dwell time, Online
     2020, Online protest, drawing, American Gothic: A 90th Year Appreciation, Online
     2020, Singularity (series), drawing, The Virtual Art Fair, Online
     2020, Singularity + Florence + Mariposa, mixed media, Absynthe Gallery: Featured, Online
     2020, Phoenix feathers, painting, Issue 4: The conceptual art issue, Haus-A-Rest, Online
     2020, Phoenix feathers, painting, Luxembourg Art Prize (Participant), Luxembourg, Belgium
     2020, The color of wallpaper, essay, A FOUNTAIN, Online
     2020, i feel like an onion., essay, Broken English, Royal College of Art, Online
     2020, Singularity (series), drawing , inReference: Virtual Pop Up Show, Barrett Art Center, Online
     2020, Phoenix Feathers, painting, Stay Home, Make Art!, Dorsky Museum, Online
     2019, Jack’s Garage Door, painting, Plein-Air: Paint-out, D&H Canal Museum, High Falls, NY, USA
     2018, Quantum, lettering, Brooklyn Academy of Music Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, NY, USA
     2018, Quantum, lettering, Animated Arizona Film Festival, Tucson, AZ, USA
     2018, Quantum, lettering, Catacumba Film Festival, Cine Capitolio Godella, Godella, Spain
     2018, Quantum, lettering, ROS Film Festival, Las Naves, Innovation Center, Valencia, Spain
     2018, Quantum, lettering, Wasteland Film Festival, Wasteland Weekend, Edwards, CA, USA
     2018, Paradox-Paradise, graphic design, Degree Projects, RISD Graphic Design, Providence, RI, USA
     2018, Queer Artists & Musicians, interview, RISD Graphic Design, Providence, RI, USA
     2018, Soul Magazine, interview, RISD Graphic Design, Providence, RI, USA
     2018, BOXES + MREs, book design, The Graphic Order, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI, USA
     2017, Greetings from Guam, lettering, Our Americana, RISD Museum, Providence, RI, USA  
     2016, Ladybug, industrial design, Foundations Triennial, RISD Museum, Providence, RI, USA
     2016, The Cook Book: Recipe Cards, Eat The World by RISD Global Initiative, Providence, RI, USA


     2021, Third Place, The Virtual Art Fair: Prize Exhibition, Online
    2020, Employee of the Month, Nuvance Health, Lagrangeville, NY, USA
     2018, History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Concentration, RISD HPSS, Providence, RI, USA
     2016, William Steele Memorial Scholarship, RISD Graphic Design, Providence, RI, USA
     2015 - 2018, Honors Designation, RISD Academic Affairs, Providence, RI, USA
     2015, Elizabeth Jones Scholarship, RISD Foundation Studies, Providence, RI, USA

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