@mderpth (Michelle Devlin)

My handle originates from a mistranscription of handwriting.

︎mderpth  ︎ msbdevlin@gmail.com

︎ Favorite Font Image

Screenshot  of Glyphs working file, 2021-05-01.

I am designing a 한글 Hangeul (Korean) typeface through an Alphabettes Mentorship with 김초롱Chorong Kim, Senior Font Designer of Sandoll Communications. This image shows my current progress.

See more images of my  font design  here.

︎Active Websites

2020 - 2021, Alphabettes Mentorship, ︎mdevlin, A digital notebook filled with questions, thoughts, and excerpts about readings related to the design, history, and technology behind the 한글Hangul script. 

2019, Q.llection, ︎ q.llection, A stream of  images of my favorite letter - capital Q - found across various locations such as libraries, grocery stores, and the Internet.

2018, mderpth, ︎ mderpth, A visual diary used to document sketches.

See a fuller list of  websites here.


Self-portrait, MacOS Preview, 2021-03-24.

Michelle Devlin is a Design Researcher/Artist living in New York. They/she moved to the US in 2010.

Michelle, or @mderpth, will begin an MRes at RCA in Fall 2021. They received a BFA in Graphic Design with focus in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences from RISD in 2018.

She volunteers as Creative Projects Manager for @AsianAndLGBTQ and works as Design Research Apprentice with @firebrand.house. They/she foster an enthusiasm for language & design through a growing practice in Type Design, and will someday live in South Korea to extend this practice.

A living outline of my recent experience is available here.