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Stencil 스텐실  font specimen, 2021-08-05.

I am designing a 한글 Hangeul (Korean) typeface through an Alphabettes Mentorship with 김초롱Chorong Kim, Senior Font Designer of Sandoll Communications. This sample shows its current letterset.

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︎Active Websites

2021, Stencil스텐실 Process Book, ︎mderpth 🌱, An online working space for drafting the organization and written content of a type design process book~ research document. 

2020, Alphabettes Mentorship, ︎mdevlin, A digital notebook filled with questions, thoughts, and excerpts about readings related to the design, history, and technology behind the Korean writing system, 한글Hangul. 

2019, q_haul, ︎ q_haul, A stream of  images of my favorite letter - capital Q - found across various locations such as libraries, grocery stores, and the Internet.

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Self-portrait, MacOS Preview, 2021-03-24.

Michelle Devlin works as a Design Research Apprentice for Firebrand Creative House. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2018 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a Concentration in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. While at RISD, Michelle received the Elizabeth Jones Scholarship and William Steele Memorial Scholarship in recognition of her exceptional coursework in art and design. Additionally, her Degree Project inventively connected a 9 style, 8-bit font family to experiences of cultural assimilation in addition to a portfolio of illustrations and book designs.

Michelle currently studies at Royal College of Art (RCA) towards a Master’s of Research in Communication Design. During her time at RCA, she will experiment with the representation of language and investigate the culturally-oriented aspects behind the design process of mega-multi-script fonts, i.e. Google Noto Sans. This year, Michelle will complete the Type West postgraduate certificate program in Latin Type Design and an Alphabettes mentorship focused on Hangul Font Design.

She is a widely exhibited designer and artist and enjoys studying Korean in order to read design books about Korean Font Design. Her casual musings can be seen on Instagram, @mderpth. Michelle was born in Guam, moved to New York in 2010, now lives in London, and plans to visit South Korea in the future.

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